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Great Summer Beers from 49th Parallel Group by The Beer Maven

This review of a variety of breweries under the 49th Parallel Group label part of the Beer Maven’s summer series called “Patio Crushables”.

Brewery Van Honsebrouck – St. Louis Premium Pèche Lambic 2.6% abv

With its low alcohol content and sweet flavour this makes for an easy drinking & enjoyable lambic treat for anytime of the day. Preferably served with dessert or on its own as the dessert! Comparable to biting into a fresh juicy peach with hints of the sour lambic style elegantly balancing the sweetness.

Brewery Van Honsebrouck – St. Louis Premium Framboise Lambic 2.6% abv

The aroma from this Belgian Lambic needs to be bottled as a perfume. Sweet beautiful raspberries take center stage and keep on going. Pours a medium cherry red with a light frothy head. I was told to drink this after a bad day. It’s good enough to turn any day around.

Central City – Hopping Mad Cider Radler 4.2% abv

Hopping Mad Cider Radler

Image by: The Beer Maven

Apple cider & grapefruit juice, the tartness of grapefruit with the effervescence & mild sweetness of a cider. The grapefruit is the best in show as the lead & follow through flavour.

Central City – Red Racer Radler 3.5% abv

Red Racer Radler

Image by: The Beer Maven

* Warning must love grapefruit! Pouring the colour of a freshly cut grapefruit & having the aroma of one, I was surprised with the healthy taste of barley at the end. This is in the style of a traditional radler, for me, starting off with a big tart grapefruit punch and finishing with all malts and barley. Apparently best-enjoyed midway through a bike ride as Radlers were originally made for bicyclists.

Central City – Red Racer ISA 4% abv

Red Racer ISA

Image by: The Beer Maven

I’ll admit, I don’t normally like an abv less than 5% (unless it’s a Lambic or radler) but midday you don’t necessarily want to be shit faced. So this makes for the perfect patio lunch beer. The hops are heavy on the first sip but mellow out to perfection. I appreciate the quick bitterness on my lips and malted after taste.

Pumphouse – Blueberry Ale 5% abv

Pumphouse Blueberry Ale

Image by: The Beer Maven

A local brewery for me, just 25 minutes from my high school in Sackville NB. I had to include my favorite blueberry ale. Pumphouse Brewery and restaurant is based out of Moncton NB and offers a lightly fruity ale that is not over done, purely simple and clean. Serve this beer with blueberries from your favorite market.

Parallel 49 Brewing – Jerkface 9000 5% abv

Jerkface 9000

Image by: Beer Maven

An American style Mosaic hopped wheat beer. Intense at first then weak on the follow through like your typical skinny jean club hopping millennial. But here it’s a good thing! I appreciate the easy drinking crushability. ( Props to my dog Whiskey for giving me her best Jerkface.)

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